It’s time to say good-bye my friend. It’s been nice knowing you but enough is enough. I’m afraid to say you’ve become a little common but we know you’ll be cool again if we give it some time. So it’s off to the back of the bar cart for you Aperol Spritz.

But say “Hello” to your hipster sister the Gin Spritz, still full of fizz and fun but just a little more mature and a lot more interesting.

Gin Spritz Recipe

50 ml Four Pillars Gin

150 ml tonic water

Fresh Strawberries

10 ml Elderflower Cordial



Fill a large glass with ice, add gin and elderflower cordial then top with tonic water, garnish with chopped fresh strawberries. 

Tonic water can be substituted with Lemonade if it's not to your tastes, and can be combined with more interesting flavours like jasmine, blood orange and raspberries. 

The Gin Spritz

Gin is aromatic, grown up and packs a fabulous punch. Just what you need to get a great party started. It gets the taste buds popping and is the perfect aperitif for any occasion. Australian Distillers are making their mark around the world with our top quality botanical gins. So if a classic gin and tonic is too bitter for your palate, consider a fresh spring inspired Gin Spritz with something a little bit more interesting like elderflower, jasmine, blood orange or raspberries.

Arrivederci Aperol Spritz xx